My Dream


As long as i remember i had always been mesmerized by the sea. There is something in the air when one is surrounded by the misty waves. The overall ambiance of sun, sand and sea creates an urge to soar high and let the spirit take its wings. One is left to be with, introspect and feel the inner turmoil without an ounce of guilt. There is no pretense, no fear of being judged for all the human follies.


I had a childhood full of fun soaking in the breathtaking beauty of my lovely, quaint and naturally abundant Goa. How time took wings in the arms of nature is something i am still unable to comprehend. As we grow, time stand still and life takes its own course. Those cherishing memories of childhood followed the unknown path soothing the chaffed soul. 


I weaved verses into elegies of the lost time.Built fortresses on soliloquies. Sung paeans to erase the demons and moved on. There is something still missing and the heart yearns for that something in the bosom of my native soil. Maybe somewhere in the future i might find it hidden in those pristine, compassionate wavy bosom, till my last breathe!

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4 Responses to My Dream

  1. How beautiful and evocative this is! Moves something deep inside, at once sad and poignant, and yet so joyful too!

  2. namrota says:

    I am in love with your writing. No need to say, waiting to read more from you 😀

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