Diverse Loyalty

I live in a state where every year hundreds of farmers commit suicide. Isn’t it an irony! I mean we do get a good amount of annual rainfall. Every year half of the state is effected by floods. If rain god is showering his blessings on us, how come our farmers suffer in such misery? This is the main cause for the demand of a separate state.The diverse regional imbalance has taken its toll on the governance and the populace alike. On top we have a harvesty sobriquet ” The granary of the south






I mean the government should provide whatever possible facilities to facilitate for a good harvest. Instead of serving the farming community, our government is busy bifurcating the state in the name of parochialism . Being an outsider, i never wanted to be part of the political gimmicks! But, how is that possible, when this bifurcation taking its toll on my career. It really pain me to see the student community suffer.

 We were busy gearing up for an upcoming campus recruitment inspite of the bandhs in the coastal districts. Had a full swing training session for a week. The class used to be jam packed, We have nearly 500 students who are eligible for the campus placements.So, a few of my colleagues and I were on our toes, trying to make them learn as much as possible. I know many of you must be wondering, what is there to learn?It is just a round of verbal ability and then a round of interview! Well, well! 😀 When you have a bunch of students who have only used English to write exams, but never spoken! Then you know what i am talking about. I enjoy training students who are eager to learn this colonial language. It is not that i am an expert, but i do manage 😛


For a few days, it went of well, and last Friday when i went for my class! Imagine my surprise, all the students looked crestfallen! I was beguiled to see my boisterous batch so sad. Through some of them i came to know that, the campus recruitment is postponed to an indefinite date! Poor kid!s 😦 All because a few of the senior students are part of the agitation and are not supporting the upcoming recruitments!

I personally feels that students community shouldn’t be part of political agendas. These politicians are playing with the students future to meet their ends meet.

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