A born Bohemian

Sol kadi..tasty, tangy and a little unnervy

Whatever i write might kick the senses just like my sol kadi :D. The same outburst of erratic thoughts without any control of time and destination.

There are so many things i want to pour on these blank pages….But how do i start? From childhood? The meandering youth? The restless growing age? Or shall i hit down the accelerator from the present and go back to the past?

Let me see…hmm..here i go knocking on my memories with a slight twist in the time machine. I was born and brought up in the bosom of the sandy beaches of Goa. A carefree soul, who spoke her own language of passionate prose. I weaved dreams on the sand. Build palaces on the palms and dived deep in the sea to rejuvenate  my soul.

I trekked the lands of the ancestors searching for treasures in the fossilized holes. There were days when time stood still and…

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